Characterization of a typeface.


How can I analyze a typeface and understand the context in which it can be used for?


Through the creation of faces crafted with the characters of a typeface, I attempted to understand the context in which the typeface could exist in. I worked with Stags Sans Round, in medium. The end result was a video that expressed the character of the typeface.



With this, I started by creating literal typeFACES out of the letterforms to see what the relationship between each would be like. I tried to understand the typeface's letterforms and looked for what each, single letter, number, and character offered me. I related each character of the typeface to a possibility of what the form itself could be, whether that be an ear, nose, mouth, or a hairstyle. The nuanced inconsistencies that existed within each character (i.e. the U is not symmetrical in line thickness), greatly helped me because of the unique shapes they offered, just like no one's face is symmetrical. These faces informed the visual language and style of my video.