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Promotion of an Activity.


How Can an Activity Be Promoted? The focus of this project was to promote an activity that may not necessarily be popular or regularly done. I worked on creating a promotional system for screen-printing with Faith Kim.


A Visceral Process

We decided to make a series of posters that reflect the visceral senses involved in the process of screen-printing. Because it is a very physical activity, we wanted to take its unique movements and sounds and capture them in our work. Our system would revolve around tag-lines, each representing a unique element of the process of screen-printing. 



We targeted college students that had a background in design/art but were not familiar with the physical process of printing. Especially for design students, printing can be a pain, so we wanted to get people to get themselves involved in screen-printing and how fun the entire process can be. Faith and I decided on a visual language that was fun and explanatory; we also played around with 3D visuals to discourage the fact that screen-printing is flat and boring.


Read more about our process here on Medium (March 28th-May 8th)