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Lunar Gala


Lunar Gala

Motion Branding.


Lunar Gala is a student-run fashion show held at Carnegie Mellon University. I am currently working under the motion team, designing promotional videos and runway graphics. Collaborating with Brand, Experience, Web, Print, Production, and Sound Design teams to create a cohesive experience.


AN·O·MIE (ˈanəˌmē/):

a condition of society that isolates the individual through the dissolution of community. 


This is the theme for this year’s Lunar Gala show. Being on the motion team, we were tasked with designing motion visuals that would encapsulate the theme through 23 line videos, 4 dance videos, intermission videos, as well as promotional videos.


We started off with experimentation, seeing what kind of movements fit well and made sense. I focused on the use of repetition to create the illusion of 3D out of 2D.

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We ended up focusing on the concept of “distorting reality” and “creating something out of nothing”. We used Google Earth as well as Google Earth Studio as base footage for our videos.


Glimpse of our line videos


I wanted the dance videos to be reactive, especially the dance that would kick off the show, introducing the theme. Using After Effects Expressions, I mapped pixel sorting to the highs and lows of the song.

Motion Graphics for the first dance show of Lunar Gala 2019, Anomie.

Final Dance Video. Closes the show.


We also made three intermission videos, one for house seating (before the show), one in the middle for intermission, and one after the show ended.


We incorporated motion into our typography of line videos and the brand. This animation was applied to all of the titles that were played before each line.

anomie disintegrate

You can rewatch the show here: https://livestream.com/cmuTVlive/lg2019