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AI Sentiment Analysis


AI Sentiment Analysis


With today’s artificially intelligent assistants, it’s hard for users to feel personal or connected to them. How might we build upon the digital visualization of AI to convey more than just words?



Emotion is the key factor that is missing in the interaction between AI and its users. Implementing this would help with understanding each other better and would aid in growing the relationship as the user talks more with the assistant. This is my first draft of what this might look like; I explored how emotion might be represented in color and shape through the user “building” a visual representation of its assistant.


Using P5.js, I further explored the concept of emotion visualization through the use of sentiment analysis. These demos represent the emotions of user and assistant inputs.


This demo represents a visualization of user emotion and a log of those emotions based on input.

This demo is a visualization of AI with happy emotions.

This is with sad emotions.