Paint the Pavement


Paint the Pavement

Identity System Design // Print


Paint the pavement is a nationwide program that promotes safer communities through the use of public art. By collaborating with local artists, this program targets the safety of high-traffic intersections and creates murals painted on the roads themselves in order to direct the driver's attention away from distractions. 


In 2017, Pittsburgh was chosen as one of the cities to participate in Paint the Pavement, and I was tasked with creating an identity system that would attract locals to participate. The system had to represent the program's values as well as encompass the city of Pittsburgh. The goal of the city's Paint the Pavement program is to increase connections between artists and neighborhoods, organizations and residents through creative place-making.

I was presented with a list of information that was to be included in the pamphlet, including Paint the Pavement's application packet. Organizing this large amount of information and arranging it with this system was the highlight of the project.


The end-product of this project consisted of a word mark, pamphlet, and a poster. Pamphlets are to be sent out to my target audience of college students in order to promote and guide them with the application process.


From left to right: pamphlet inside, pamphlet outside, poster